Professionally, Judith Herr is a recognized expert in proposal management and technical communication.  She  coordinates, manages, writes sections, and edits  winning proposal efforts in response to requests for proposals (RFPs) issued by government agencies and corporations including Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL),  the Department of Energy, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and the National Institute of Health (NIH).  Ms. Herr is particularly experienced at preparing the personnel and past performance/project sections or volumes of proposals, including interviewing and securing commitments and relevant background information from proposed key staff.   

Because of the unique combination of education, experience, and energy that Ms. Herr brings to bridging the gap between highly technical subject-matter experts and targeted audiences, her work is highly valued by her managers, clients, and professional colleagues.  Ms. Herr has more than twenty-five years professional experience in work related to…

§         Direction/management of department and teams responsible for  proposal management and coordination, technical publications, and internal and external business and shareholder communication

§         Facilitation/orchestration of resources and tools for  project workgroups and high performance  teams including intranet web sites, newsletters, brown bag seminars, and moderated discussions

§         Interface with clients, shareholders, and corporate managers  including event and conference planning and orchestration of presentations and briefings

§         Documentation project management; proposal management; facilitation of peer reviews

§         Establishment and leadership of full-service communication/documentation departments

§         Scientific/technical writing, editing, and comment resolution; management of  desktop publishing, document production, and distribution efforts

§         Course and curriculum development; training delivery; presentation and executive coaching 

§         Provision of services to clients from small businesses to major organizations including Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Department of Energy (DOE), Kaiser-Permanente, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&CO.). 




Ms. Herr provides proposal management, technical communication services including writing, editing, and project management, and consultative support through her small business, Well Chosen Words. 

Development of Worldwide Training for Garment Industry Corporation Vendors/Staff.

Ms. Herr developed and prepared training for implementation of a global safety-training program for LS&CO. for more than 6,000 employees, contractors, and chemical vendors worldwide.  The program is innovative within the garment design and manufacturing business -- and may serve as a model throughout the industry. 

Proposals to DOE, EPA, NASA, GSA for Small Businesses; Seminars in Proposal Management

For scientific and technical firms, Ms. Herr coordinates, edits, and manages the preparation of proposals that offer regulatory compliance, environmental, occupational health and safety, community outreach and project management technical expertise in support of DOE, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), NASA, the Government Services Administration (GSA), and other potential clients.  She presented a successful STC Telephone Seminar on proposal writing in August 2003 and STC scheduled a second seminar for March 2004. 

Other Well Chosen Words projects include serving as managing editor for the American Industrial Hygiene Association’s Chemical Protective Clothing and other publishing projects.  She researched and wrote the eBalance, Inc. Disaster Recovery and Operations Handbook (financial software). 


During more than ten years with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Ms. Herr developed project teams and full-service communication capabilities to provide support and expertise for projects related to information technology and computer systems design, environmental protection, scientific research, healthcare administration, occupational health and safety, organizational development, and program management... 

Document Project Manager, Yucca Mountain Project, ES&H Pre-Existing Conditions Assessment

Example of Document Project Management for Highly Sensitive, Complex Task.  Managed preparation and publication of key baseline assessment preceding contract turnover at Yucca Mt. Project.  Ms. Herr worked with contributors from the independent transition team consisting of twelve experts in various technical and scientific fields charged with objectively summarizing, substantiating, evaluating risk, and recommending actions for any pre-existing conditions related to environment, health, or safety prior to assumption of the Yucca Mountain Project by Bechtel-SAIC (BSC) from the incumbent contractor.  

Proposal to Support National Institute of Health (NIH)/Cancer Research Institute.  

Re-bid of SAIC contract to provide technical and management support to NIH Cancer Research Institute.  Responsibility included writing past performance sections by referencing more than 300 SAIC company-wide projects to demonstrate ability and capability to excel on contract. 

Proposal to Provide Quality Assurance Technical Support to EPA

Responsible for personnel section of EPA proposal, including recruitment and coordination of interviews and implementation of contingent key hires for t the EPA analytical laboratory contract in Las Vegas.  .

Director of Communications/Technical Publications; Proposal and Design Review Process Manager – Kaiser Permanente (KP) National Clinical Information System (NCIS)

Example of ability to facilitate disparate workgroup efforts.  After winning opportunity to support Kaiser-Permanente, managed matrixed public relations and marketing, internal communications, and technical communications/documentation staff to provide on-going support to the client.  Additionally, directed internal communication for SAIC operation of 200 experts.  Facilitated documentation preparation and orchestrated two-day, high visibility product design and implementation review presentations.  Initiated/ convened roundtable for technical writers throughout KP to establish standards for consistent communication and documentation products. 

Example of ability to capture complex technical information and make it useful and accessible to users – designed and wrote Telecommunications Quality Oversight and Inspection Handbook for KP.  With KP engineers, one task involved the rewiring and installation of telecommunication equipment for KP hospitals and clinics.  Ms. Herr conceived, designed, and wrote manual to use when inspecting retrofits and newly constructed telecommunications projects.  The Handbook assisted non-engineers in detecting variance from specifications during the construction process.  With training, the Handbook assured that staff conducted objective inspections, made consistent decisions, and saved substantial costs. 

Proposal Manager/Coordinator; Senior Technical Writer; Production Manager

Led support for consolidation of the Baseline Safety Analysis File for DOE’s Idaho National Engineering Laboratory and supported the Mixed Waste Operations Demonstration Close out Summary for the Robotics Technology Development Program at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).  Edited/produced SAIC deliverables prepared for LLNL in health physics, industrial hygiene, readiness, safety analyses, environmental impact, and quality assurance. 

While at SAIC in Germantown, served as senior editor/production manager for major regulatory compliance documents prepared for DOE facilities and sites.  Provided technical analysis, research, editorial, writing, and training support for preparation of the Safety Analysis Report Guidance Manual for DOE-HQ; prepared/presented documentation seminars for DOE-HQ; and guided SAIC team through the DOE quality audit.

Supported preparation, review, and implementation of documents required for the SAIC NASA-Ames Research Center's Environmental Health and Safety Program support contract.  Prepared marketing collateral, qualifications statements, and proposals for technical training, quality management, health care, environmental, health support, and hazardous waste management for SAIC international clients including the Ivory Coast, Jamaica, China, Italy, Poland, and Russia


Director of Fund Raising and Development, Contra Costa American Cancer Society.  Included grant and corporate solicitation, proposal preparation, public relations, special event planning and management, program design, editing, community development, and volunteer management.  Managed 1,300 volunteers with an annual fund-raising goal of $2 million net.  Frequently engaged in public speaking and public presentations and ghosted speeches for Board President and Directors.


Hospital-Wide Education Coordinator.  Responsible for in-service training and development of 1,000 employees in safety, technical skills, management, and general orientation, using performance-based training techniques.  Developed, implemented, and managed off-site, “customer service” workshops for all employees.  Trained staff in word processing and use of the newly introduced Patient Care Management System.  Developed and delivered modules on controversial or new topics including changing health care regulations, management of AIDs patients.  Served on Hospice team. 


Assistant Manager/Clinical Dietitian, Registered Dietitian Marriott Corporation food services contract to Mercy Hospital.  Supervised staff of about 100; provided direct patient care, and training. 


Public Health Nutritionist, for U.S. Public Health Service, seconded to Louisiana Department of Health and Human Resources, Mass Media Section.  Trained professionals and indigenous staff throughout Louisiana as well as providing direct patient care to prenatal patients, infants, and children.  Responsible for writing, editing, and production of pamphlets and audiovisual materials for patient education.  Represented Louisiana Department of Health, speaking publicly and appearing on television routinely and in response to controversial public health issues. 


Patient Services Supervisor.  Responsible for troubleshooting and supporting development of patient and management information systems for Tulane Medical Center and Hospital prior to opening.  .


Community Organizer.  Recruited, facilitated, and supported Austin Texas citywide boards charged with furthering poverty program goals and facilitating communication and community involvement between disparate socioeconomic and ethnic groups.  Designed and initiated pilot project to involve adolescents from disparate socioeconomic groups, and staffed the Program and Project Boards of Directors.


MPH:                Public Health, Nutrition, Epidemiology, ES&H, School of Public Health, Tulane Univ.

BA:                   Sociology/Organizational Behavior (Honors), Communications, Univ. of Texas

Coursework:      Liberal Arts, Psychology, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio

            Science:  Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Microbiology, Univ. of New Orleans

Postgraduate Studies:  Coursework toward MBA.  Adult Development & Training, Univ., of New Orleans


§         Manager, Society for Technical Communication (STC) International Management Special Interest Group (SIG)

§         Director, Touchstone 2000, STC Competition.  Involves several hundred entries,  more than 250 volunteers participating in judging, training, recognition events, quality standards for profession

§         Chapter Pacesetter Award, STC, “For your innovative initiative in education and outreach…and for your evangelism of technical communications as a career,” 1999.

§         President, East Bay Chapter, STC, 1998 – 1999; 1999-2000

§         Distinguished Chapter Service Award, awarded by International STC, 1997

§         “Most Entrepreneurial,” SAIC Division award, 1997

§         Vice President, Board of Directors, Pacific Central District, Unitarian Universalist Assoc., 1998-2002

§         National Health Service Corp. (NHSC) Scholarship Public Health Service.  Awarded one of 25 in the nation.

§         Member, American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), American Academy for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), IEEE Business Communication Section


§         Article, “Trends in Management:  Observations of a SIG Manager,” Intercom, January 2004

§         Telephone Seminar (scheduled), “Writing Winning Proposals II”, International STC, March, 2004

§         Presentation, “Effective Communication for Professional Development:  Email, Listserves, Blogs, and Chat,” Sacramento Chapter STC, January 7, 2003

§         Telephone Seminar:  “Winning New Business:  Preparing the Proposal 101,” International STC, August 20, 2003

§         Panelist, “Project Management:  The Realities”;  Progressions Moderator – “Management SIG Progression:  Innovative Approaches to Managing People,” Progression Presentation:  “The Art and Science of Coping with Recalcitrant or Downright Ornery Team Members,  50th Annual Conference, STC, Dallas Texas, 2003

§         Presentation; Forum Participant:  Writer in the Workplace Conferences, Sacramento STC Chapter – 2000, 2002

§         Progression Moderator, Managing People, 49th Annual Conference, STC, Nashville, TN , 2002

§         Progression Moderator, Managing People:  Face-to-Face and Virtually, 48th Annual Conference Chicago, IL,  2001

§         After Conference Workshop, “Art and Science of Technical Communication Management,” 48th Annual Conference, STC, Chicago, IL,, 2001

§         Workshop, “Enlarging the Niche:  Effective Management,” 47th Annual Conference, STC, Toronto, Canada, 2000

§         Presentation, “Managing Technical Communications Services,” Driving Forces in Technical Communications, STC Region 8 Conference, Long Beach, California, November 11-14, 1999.

§         Presentation, “Marketing Technical Communications Services: Enlarging the Niche, 46th Annual Conference, STC, Cincinnati, Ohio, May 16-19, 1999. 

§         Presentation, UCSF Technical Writing Certification Program, June 1997.

§         Presentation, UC Berkeley, High/Low Technology Fair, November 1998.

§         “From the President,” Devil Mountain Views, six columns in 1998-99; six in 1999-2000

§         Workshops:  “Assert Yourself!”  “Coping with Difficult People,” “High Tech Meets High Touch at the Computer Terminal,” - numerous conferences and classes, New Orleans, 1982-1986.